floarea soareluistemă naţională a Moldoveifloarea soarelui


The registration of incorporation documents of the foreign company is made by the Chamber of Registration of the Republic of Moldova – (One Stop Shop) of.248, 73, Stefan cel Mare street, Chisinau.

Necessary documents:

For legal person

  • the notary authenticated copy of registration certificate
  • the notary authenticated excerpt (extract) from the national commercial register of investor’s (foreign company) country;
  • notary authenticated copies of incorporation documents of the foreign company (the company’s statute and constitutional agreement);
  • the certificate of foreign company’s solvency, issued by the serving bank;
  • the decision of founder to establish a company with foreign investment in Moldova (this may be the protocol of stockholders meeting, decision of board of directors, etc.);
  • if necessary - letter of attorney for the person authorized to establish a new company in Moldova.

For physical person

  • Copy of passport
  • the card accompanying the passport, confirming the registration with the police bodies at the place of staying in the Republic of Moldova;
  • if necessary - letter of attorney for the authorized person

Important note:

  • All the submitted documents should be translated into Romanian and (therefore authenticated by a Moldovan notary);
  • Taking into consideration that the Republic of Moldova has ratified the Hague Convention of 1961 on the simplified legalization of documents, for all the countries all the documents described above (for juridical persons) must be legalized with the Apostile.

Legal address

Each registered company need a legal address:

  • It could be a home address of one of the founders (in case one of founders are Moldovan residents (citizens).
  • It could be the home address or office spaces of a resident (non-citizen), in case the resident has bought real estate in Moldova.
  • It could be the address of the office, where the company will rent space. In this case the landlord gives a paper permitting to register the company in his/her space.

Registration procedure costs:

Costs implied: Registration period
for SRL (Ltd.) 884MDL= 57 EUR 10 working days
1243 MDL= 80 EUR 1 working days
for SA (Closed Joint-stock company) 1105 MDL = 71 EUR 10 working days
1161 MDL = 107 EUR 1 working days

Other related costs

  • State tax: 0.5% of the Statutory capital
  • Mandatory minimal Statutory capital:
  • for SRL (Ltd.) 5400 MDL = 330 EUR
  • for SA (Closed Joint-stock company) 10000 MDL = 585 EUR
  • for SA (Public Joint-stock company) 20000 MDL = 1250 EUR

Foreign investments can be of different types:

  • hard currency or other accepted foreign currency purchased by the banks of the Republic of Moldova and that make the object of bank operations;
  • achinery, equipment, including office equipment;
  • Property and non-property rights, including the right on intellectual (industrial) property (property right, origin right, copyrights, samples, industrial samples, commercial labels, company names, production and commercial secrets, technologies, know-how etc.). List of contribution in nature to the social capital evaluated in hard currency, authenticated by the foreign partner is presented together with the incorporation documents in 2 copies.

    In case a person has already registered in his property an enterprise that doesn’t function and hadn’t been liquidated in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova or has debts to national public budget, this person will be refused in registration of a new enterprise before the removing the above mentioned circumstances.

Taxation in Moldova: information for companies operating internationally