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Basa Press BASA-press is the first independent news agency in the Republic of Moldova. It was founded on November 5, 1992, by a group of journalists. During the course of this period, the agency has gained the reputation of a competent, prompt and impartial source of information about the Republic of Moldova. The news covers all spectre of events - politics, economics, business, finance, sport and international events.
Basa Press


Moldova Azi Informational portal MOLDOVA AZI was launched at 2001 May 28 end it is en extension of virtual review "Moldova News" which was opened at 1998 November 16.
Moldova Azi


Interlic INTERLIC - is a news agency for those who are used to look at things objectively. INTERLIC is the largest independent news agency in the Republic of Moldova. It was founded on August 29, 1995.


Mold Pres The daily information flow meant for the print and broadcasting media of the Republic of Moldova constitutes 50-60 pieces of news. At the same time, the Agency "Moldpres" publishes "Monitorul Oficial" /The Official Gazette/, collections of laws and official documents, social-political literature, belles-lettres, renders printing services.
Mold Pres


Economic Review  
Economic Review