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Eastern Partnership Senior Officials Meeting took place in Brussels

Eastern Partnership Senior Officials Meeting took place in Brussels
11 April 2019, Brussels – State secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Daniela Morari, attended today the Eastern Partnership Senior Officials Meeting (SOM). The key topics on the agenda were the recent developments on the implementation of the 20 Deliverables for 2020 and the launching of the first reflections on the future of the Eastern Partnership, in the context of its 10th anniversary celebration in 2019.

State secretary, Daniela Morari, reviewed the progress made on four thematic dimensions of the partnership: economic development and market opportunities; strengthening institutions and good governance; connectivity, energy efficiency, environment and climate change; mobility and people-to-people contacts.

The Moldovan official stressed in particular the importance of launching a reflection on the long-term objectives of the Partnership beyond 2020 that would involve all relevant stakeholders - EU institutions and Member States, Eastern partners, civil society, etc. In this context, the interest in enhancing cooperation with the EU on the dimension of resilience and security with a stronger focus on crisis management, countering hybrid threats and disinformation, as well on capacity building has been reiterated.

In the economic field, the importance of continuing the dialogue between three associated countries and the EU on the implementation of the DCFTA has been mentioned, with its gradual extension in such areas as transport, energy and the digital economy. Along with that, the interest in attracting investments for the implementation of energy and transport connectivity projects was expressed.

State secretary, Daniela Morari, also had meetings with the representatives of the European External Action Service. During the talks, the current state of RM-EU relations was examined, as well as the opportunities of strengthening cooperation on the dimension of strategic communication and CSDP. Interlocutors have appreciated our country's contribution to EU peace efforts through CSDP missions, as well as convergence with the EU policy on restrictive international measures.

Discussions at the meeting have confirmed the interest of the European institutions, the EU Member States and the Eastern Partners to enhance the visibility of the Partnership through the promotion of the benefits for the citizens.

Note: Also, during the SOM meeting, the concept of events for the 10th anniversary since the launch of the Eastern Partnership was presented: the Reunion of Foreign Affairs Ministers and the High Level Conference, to be held on 13th and 14th of  May 2019 in Brussels.


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